Technology and its negative relevance to human race.

I’ve been impressed by the proficient upgrade of technology, in the present age. Technology has been seen vastly as a tool made by man to ease of heavy and light duties, increase knowledge and understanding, improvement in industries and job marketing and most importantly interconnectedness of the world as a result of globalization.

Technology and its negative relevance to transportation.

Technology has made a huge impact, in the contribution of transport network which has helped in the easy access of Man’s movement as well as his commodities (goods and services). However, there have been different means of transportation introduced with the help of technology such as human powered transport, cable transport, pipelines and many more.

In the ancient times, animals are known to be a hope for man in accordance to transportation. However, during this persistence Little or minimal casualties were recorded compared to the present age where technology has brought about palatable means of transport along side heavy catastrophe which has claimed an unfathomable numbers of lives in the human census.

Technology and its negative relevance to the industry.

Technology has also contributed immensely, to in industries such as medical, engineering, construction, agriculture, production and most importantly business industries. For instance, in the medical industry where research are carried out, technology has proven it beneficial contribution in the provision of drugs, administered diagnosis for curable diseases and preventive measure for incurable disease.

The aforementioned are seen to be the positive effect of technology in the medical industry. However,

Technology and its negative relevance to food chain.

In the ancient time, crops and food are been harvested and stored for a short period of time for consumption due to spoilage compared to the present age where food tends to undergo longer duration before spoilage due to different preservative ideas introduced with the help of advance technology such as canning, pasteurization, deep freezing and also irradiation.

However, various studies have shown that many canned food contains cancer linked BPA as most companies who market their product in can or tin tends to coat the metal food with a chemical known to have linked to breast cancer, heart diseases and other illness.

Irradiation can also be seen as a preservative measure against food spoilage, however gamma rays are needed during this process which also toils a negative landmark on the human system such as stochastic health risk which is seen as a probability of cancer induction as well as genetic damage in the human body.

Technology and its negative relevance to job employment.

Technology as said earlier help to ease man’s heavy and light duties. However, unemployment has been a vast problem most country has been battling with in the present world. Technology has helped and introduce various machines as well as robot which is seen to have contributed to a minimal reduction of man labour requirement in the industry. In some manufacturing industry, robots are seen to have replaced man due to their tireless attitude towards work, speed and accuracy compare to the efficacy of man, tending to have incite a reduced opportunity of labour towards human outreach.

Technology and its negative relevance towards interpersonal relationship.

Growing up in the early age, before the introduction of computer, phones tablet. Children would come out and gather around in our little playground found at the outskirt of our town in Ibadan were all sort of childish activities like getting our legs buried in the soil, jumping over obstacles,suwe, game hunting, swimming in the stream and all sort which we view as fun. Playing this games together with other children in the community really did promote interpersonal relationship among us. However in the present age where computers,tablet, mobile phone and all sort have been introduced with the help of technology, most people tends to  spend an unfathomable time with their devices while some can’t do without it major to addiction,these set of people find it difficult to spend the equivalent time people and this has reduced the main purpose of promoting interpersonal relationship.

An uproar for revolution

   It’s unambiguous that the highest percentage of people, who are subject to abject poverty, increases drastically in Nigeria and fast arising in our present economy.
                The major causes of these problems in our country can be traced back to the rapid increase in birthrate, illegal immigration of emigrant from her neighboring countries and most importantly BAD LEADERSHIP which have paved way for political instability and corruption.
                 Our economy Nigeria, has been blessed with a lot of natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, tin, iron ore, gold, salt, coal, forest and many more as well as arable land which support planting and effectively boost the growth of seedlings.
               However I’m embittered to view these resources as a source of plague, rather than it reflecting as a blessing on its economy. Looking at the present world globally, there are only few countries whose natural resources could surpass that of Nigeria when compared, and an unimaginable number of countries whose own natural resources cannot amount up to that of Nigeria, but its citizens enjoys every inch of its benefit and only a lower percentage of its people are considered poor and far away from living in abject poverty.
            The highest percentage of people in Nigeria economy, who are considered poor or subject to abject poverty amounts to 89%, while the fathomable 11% are overall considered as the crinkle of the middle class as well as the magnate.
              My trepidations really isn’t about the predicament which has befallen us presently, but what hope have we to offer our forth coming generation, are we to place our hands at jaw and do nothing, or birth them into the realms of poverty which may charge them into the slavery of their black brothers?  Or should we watch them lament, curse and put the blame on us while they live under a policy of political repression and violence
  I’m absolutely sure that our nationalist who fought vigorously to gain our independence few years back never fought in support of the aforementioned reason. Furthermore, the drastic increase in poverty in Nigeria  has tempted and reshapened the mindset of its subject, consisting mostly the youth and young adult  into committing evil atrocities such as cybercrime, gambling, blackmailing, aiding and abetting, pilfering, pick pocketing, prostitution as well as some devilish activities like kidnapping and ritual killings in other to ensnare themselves from the shackles of poverty. Are these steps the proper measures which are meant to be taken? Or does this steps look exactly like an evergreen solution? Absolutely NO
         These steps are deficient and it’s against the constitution that governs us in our country and shouldn’t be tolerated. I revoke these disastrous steps however I wouldn’t totally bestowed the blame unto those who have plunge their hands into evil atrocities or devilish act but rather on the government which has neglected it duties to its citizens and has deprived its people the right and free access to enjoy every inch of its economy resources and also the embezzlement of funds meant for the citizens. I laugh not at the politician who are blinded with self interest rather than the masses, but unto those who laugh and make jokes of it and also those who cultivate the act of solitude in these unpleasant situation isn’t it obvious that these so called political leaders are frantically fighting for their own place in such a rotten system while the credit  of their doing has taint  a negative landmark on us which has thrown us into disarray and dehumanization of one another.
         Vehemently the citizens of Nigeria can really point out the origin of their problems as well as their long time submission into the realms of poverty and are aware that the only administered solution to their cancerous system of government is to pave way for REVOLUTION.